Archangel Michael. Andrei Rublev. Circa 1420's.

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Activate. Create. Profit.
ACTIVATE: Align with your Sacred Mission. Open to your Inner Wisdom. Develop your Divine Gifts.
CREATE: Your Book. Your Business. Your Life.
PROFIT: Share your Divine Gifts. Skyrocket your Wealth Consciousness. Step into Enlightenment. 
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For Those Seeking Their True Path in This Time of Planetary Transformation.

My Sacred Mission is to help you identify your Mission in Life, activate your Inner Wisdom and Divine Gifts, and align with your work to heal the Planet in a way that brings you prosperity, abundance and joy.

To do this, Spirit has directed me to focus my Psychic Gifts in three areas: Psychic Development for Seekers, Creativity Coaching for Writers and Business Mentoring for Visionary Entrepreneurs.  

I am a Trance-Channel Psychic, Star Shaman and Sacred Healer.

I am a Higher-Self Channel. This means The Beings of Wisdom whom I channel are my Spirit Guides and part of my Higher-Self. My Spirit Guides trained me themselves in how to open to, work with and manage my Psychic and Healing gifts. They have also shown me how to enable spiritual activation in others.

The Golden Eagle Soul Circle has been speaking through me for thirty years. Our work has been published in the Sedona Journal of Emergence.  

I was born with all the Psychic abilities. In addition to being a Trance-Channel Psychic and Sacred Healer, I am also Clairvoyant, Clairaudient and Clairsentient.

I am a Spiritual Visionary and Mystic.  

I inherited my Psychic Abilities from my Celtic and Viking ancestors.

I give you Life-Changing Psychic Revelations and Transformation.

I reveal the Mysteries of Your Heart and the Wonder of Your Soul through the Power of Spirit to help you grow in beautiful and extraordinary ways.

Enter a world of mystery, magic and power with me. 

I studied Theology with Jesuit Scholars at Marquette University. I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree in History.

I received my name Inanna, which comes from the Great Mother Goddess of Ancient Sumer, during a Soul Initiation in the Realms of Light.

My metaphysical practice is world-wide. I have given thousands of readings for clients in North America, Europe, Asia, Australia, Latin America and the Middle East who are from many diverse Faith Traditions.

I am known for the Quality, Professionalism and Integrity of my services.

All the work I do is in the Name of the Mother-Father God, the Christos Logos and the Spiritus Sanctus.

I have been "Revealing That Which Is Hidden from Normal View" as a Professional Psychic for more than twenty-five years.

I am Called by Spirit to do this work. It is my Sacred Mission in Life.

I am passionate about my mission and work. Let me help you.

The time is now. Do it.

FFI or to Schedule a Psychic Reading or Spiritual Healing please Email me at Spirit Shrine Oracle or

To schedule a FREE Strategy Session to explore whether my services Psychic Development for Spiritual Seekers, Creativity Coaching for Writers and Business Mentoring for Visionary Entrepreneurs can help you attain personal, creative or business success please Email me at Spirit Shrine Oracle or


Or-a-cle Noun a: a Priestess who is Divinely-inspired to speak Wisdom, reveal Hidden Knowledge and unveil Sacred Purpose; b: the Holy Site from whence these revelations occur; c: the authoritative Answers, Insight and Guidance provided by the Priestess Oracle.